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Spark Creative Works, Long Island 

Welcome to Our Creative Community

Women's Playwriting Project & Short Film Fest

Hello Everyone!

Thank you to our supporters and to those who participated in our Virtual showcases for our Women's Playwriting Project. This year posed many challenges to the arts community and we found an enriching way to rise above them. We are all very proud of the virtual work we were able to create over the past 6+ months.

What's next for SPARK and our festival? We are currently in the process of filming our finalist selections and putting together our LIVE, in-person short film premier which will be the the final installment of our festival. It will take place in mid-late October. :-)

Stay tuned for more info!

And now two final SNEAK PEEKS at our short films in the works:


Written by: Sage Martin

Directed by Jackie Massé

Featured Cast: Mitchell One, Sarah Berger

"Roberta's Skin"

Written by Deanna Strasse

Directed by Jes Almeida

Featured Cast: Gianna Zuffante, Andrew Beck

Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you'll also be able to catch behind the scenes looks the rest of our film production process.