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Spark Creative Works, Long Island 

Welcome to Our Creative Community

What is Spark Creative Works up to?

It's been a challenging year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic but we're not letting that stop us!

"Women's Playwriting Project" & "Film de Femme" Festival

We are in the midst or prepping and producing our "Women's "Writing Festival" and we are VERY excited about it. We're all about creating more opportunities for women in all areas of the arts. The goal of this project was/is to create more opportunities for new female writers to get their work shown, for aspiring female directors to get their hands on some new material and for female performers to have a chance at portraying roles written by women FOR women. 

*We never discriminate gender and all writers are welcome to write character of any gender so long as the story focusses are a female character, we will cast other genders as needed for each piece at the discretion of each director. There are opportunities for all here with Spark Creative Works!