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Spark Creative Works, Long Island 

Welcome to Our Creative Community

Our Mission.

Spark Creative Works Inc. is a theatre & creative arts company led by female artists, educators, and their supporters seeking to establish greater opportunities for women in our creative community. We seek to do so in the areas of performance, visual mediums, technical design, management, and written works. We hope to inspire future generations of performers to promote female empowerment, diversity, as well as equality in pay and opportunities within the entertainment industry and our community via our performances, programs, and projects in the state of NY. In addition we seek to educate and bring social awareness to our audiences regarding women’s issues, rights, & welfare.

Our Objectives.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be; 

*To promote and produce new works written by OR for women to increase the number and substance of performance roles available to them and to increase the presence of female writers within the industry.

*To produce plays which showcase already prominent female writers or pieces containing a female majority cast, and/or unique and challenging roles for portrayal by women.

*To produce projects handled predominantly by female directors, producers, or women in technical areas of the entertainment and performing arts industry thereby increasing their artistic opportunities within the community.

*To offer educational performing arts classes to youths of all ages regardless of race, sex, color, religion, gender or sexual orientation in order to inspire teamwork and creativity. 

*To offer educational performances to the general public geared towards women’s issues, history, and rights.

*To include in our season at least ONE performance project OR event, which will be open to the public that will benefit a charitable cause relating to women. 

*To include in our season performance projects other than plays such as improv performances, stand up comedy nights, puppetry, music, writing festivals, film festivals, or dance projects, etc. to be performed for and available to the general public. We do not discriminate by sex, race, religion, color, gender, or sexual orientation. All are welcome at anytime to audition or apply for any open position within the company. We welcome equality and diversity.